Turn your Android phone in a multimedia remote control for your computer

 What is Enjoy The sofa!?

Enjoy The Sofa! is an Android application that allow you use your mobile phone like a remote control to execute multimedia functions on your computer. It connect through wifi.

The functions are: Play, Pause, Next/Previous track (audio or video), Volume+ y Volume-. Other keys on the Android remote control are Return, Space and the direction keys: Left, Right, Up and Down.

The remote control simulates pressing a key in the keyboard, so, can be used with any program that reacts to a key press available in the remote control.


The video shown the installation of Enjoy The Sofa Receiver! (remote control receiver) and some example usages

 Usage examples

  • Handle playlists in programs like Window Media Player, VLC Player, Rhythmbox and much others.
  • Browse PowerPoint presentations (useful for conferences)
  • Handle the volume on specific program or at a global level.
  • One of the best things is that while you are watching a movie, you do not need to get up from the sofa to rewind and see again that great scene. Fully handle the player from your sofa.


Step 1

Install Enjoy The Sofa! on your mobile phone. Available on Google Play

Step 2

Install Enjoy The Sofa Receiver! on your computer. Download links availables on Downloads section.

Step 3

Turn on Enjoy The Sofa Receiver! on your computer, Done! Start to use the remote control (enjoy).

 System Requirements

You must have JAVA installed on your computer. It can be downloaded from the official website by clicking here

 Download Enjoy The Sofa Receiver!

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